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Special Features:
* Type Electronic Components
* ROHS Complaint
* Power Source: AC, Battery
* Material: Copper

* Over voltage: DC 9-15V, Recommended DC voltage of 12V, current 1A.
* Power: 10W +10 W on 1 Amp 12 v supply. It can provide up to 15 watt on 2 Amp power supply.
* Output impedance: 4-8 ohm.
* Circuit is very easy to connect and all wire are connected still proper knowledge on subject is required. Connect Ground. L and R channel correctly in audio in and audio out.
* When IC 6283 audio amplifier is used in stereo mode, it can give output power upto maximum 15 Watt after copuling.This amplifier is capable to run easily upto 4-8 Ohm speaker, woofers.
* This amplifier kit can be used in any audio amplifier, including FM, MP3-USB player, CD/DVD, DTH, Tape, Car stereo, TV etc...
* This Audio board also include bridge rectifier with capacitor so can be directly connect with Transformer.